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Website Copyright

The Hamlet OnLine website is copyrighted.

Copyright © 2014 Jeffrey Paul Jordan

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This website is an original work, and is not in the public domain. The pages of Hamlet OnLine may not be copied without express, written permission.


The above copyright statement does not apply to the MediaWiki software used to power the wiki. See the MediaWiki website (linked at the lower right of this page) for information about their software.

This site makes occasional use of public domain material, especially for images. Such material remains in the public domain, and the copyright statement does not apply to any such material which may appear on this website.

The above copyright statement does not apply to any material, (briefly excerpted from other works,) that may appear here under the legal doctrine of Fair Use. The copyrights of other works, when they are copyrighted, remain with their respective owners.

This website makes use of some items from Wikimedia Commons, and various kinds of license may apply to those items. Click the item in question to see its page, with its Wikimedia Commons link for further information.

Shakespeare's Hamlet itself, is, of course, in the public domain as it was printed in the original publications of 1603, 1604-1605, and 1623.

© 2014 Jeffrey Paul Jordan

All rights reserved.