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The Ghost appears to be the spirit of King Hamlet, and claims to be. It is not. It is a diabolical imposter.



  • Costume - Except in Scene 11, the Ghost appears in a full suit of armor, as Horatio describes to Hamlet in Scene 2 (Scene 2#205.) In Scene 11 the Ghost appears in a nightshirt, over which he may optionally wear a robe or dressing gown.



The Ghost's most significant lines are:

Themes and Motifs

Most immediate for the Ghost:

Image, Putting on a Show

On Stage

The Ghost appears in Scene 1, Scene 4, and Scene 5, may appear invisibly (to the other characters) in Scene 9, must appear invisibly (to the other characters) in Scene 10, and he appears in Scene 11.

Since the Ghost is capable of invisibility, he may appear at other times without disrupting the Scene or the dialogue, as far as the play characters are concerned. However, a production should exercise great restraint, and be judicious in handling any other appearances they might want him to make. An overdose of the Ghost will damage the play presentation.

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