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The Royal Entourage appears with Claudius and Gertrude whenever they enter officially as the King and Queen, doing the official business of the state. The Entourage usually consists of the royal musicians (trumpeters and kettle drummers,) courtiers including the King's council, ladies in waiting, pages, guards, and anybody else who would normally be present as a part of putting on a show of a royal court. For appearances other than in the Throne Room the Entourage should be modified according to the situation.


Their role is to display to the audience that the setting is a royal court, or that the King and Queen are engaged in official or formal activities.

  • Costume - They are costumed appropriately for the above.


They are anonymous.


None. They are silent extras.

Themes and Motifs

The Themes and Motifs most relevant to the Royal Entourage:

Duty, Money, Putting on a Show

They are doing their duty for the royalty, probably none of them is there as an act of charity, and in theater as in life they show that the royal court is in session, or that the King and Queen are engaged in official business.

On Stage

The Royal Entourage appears with King Claudius and Queen Gertrude in the Throne Room in Scene 2, Scene 7, and Scene 8; with them as part of the audience for the Gonzago / 'Mousetrap' play in Scene 9; with them at the graveyard in Scene 19, and with them at the Fencing Match in Scene 20.

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