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The Vision Motif includes mentions of sight, seeing, watching, looking, and the eyes. The following lines, Scene by Scene, show the existence of the Vision Motif, and its prominence. There are many references to vision, as you might expect. I include here only the more obvious instances of the Motif, and I include comment only where it seems to be needed. A person might not notice how extremely prominent the Vision Motif is, until he sees how many lines provide instances of it, we take seeing so much for granted.

Scene 1

Scene 1#01-026   Bernardo: I have seen nothing.

Scene 1#01-029   Touching this dreaded sight twice seen of us;

Scene 1#01-031   With us, to watch the minutes of this night,

Scene 1#01-033   He may approve our eyes, and speak to it.

Scene 1#01-038   What we two nights have seen.

Scene 1#01-046   Marcellus: Peace, break thee off; look where it comes again!

Scene 1#01-049   Bernardo: Looks he not like the King? Mark it, Horatio.

Scene 1#01-058   Bernardo: See, it stalks away.

Scene 1#01-061   Bernardo: How now, Horatio, you tremble and look pale;

Scene 1#01-066   Of mine own eyes.

Scene 1#01-080   Why this same strict and most observant watch

Scene 1#01-122   Horatio: A moth it is to trouble the mind's eye;

It is notable how extremely prominent the Vision Motif is in the early part of the Scene, up to and including the appearance of the Ghost, only to fade as the Scene continues, as the Ghost did.

Scene 2


Scene 3

Scene 4

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