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Ostrick is a courtier who appears in Scene 20.



  • Costume - Hamlet states that Ostrick owns a large quantity of good land, (Scene 20#092,) so we take it he is very wealthy. Thus, he is expensively dressed. That is, the actor's costume must look expensive.

However, since we see that Ostrick lacks good sense, we take it his costume is in poor taste, by being too showy, and clashing colors would be appropriate. We can also discern from the dialogue that his garments are too heavy for the warmth of the day, which causes him to sweat.

As a specific detail, it is mandatory that Ostrick has a hat decorated with one or more long ostrich plumes.


His name is the word "ostrich" slightly modified into a Danish-style name.


Significant lines spoken by Ostrick:

Themes and Motifs

Those most relevant to Ostrick's character and dialogue:

On Stage

Ostrick appears in: Scene 20, only. He may appear earlier as a silent extra among the King's entourage.

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