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Between Scene 1 and Scene 2:

When Horatio, Marcellus, and Bernardo return to the Castle, at dawn, it's too early to see Hamlet. They have some breakfast. They hope to catch Hamlet, and talk to him, before the scheduled session of the Royal Court begins. Marcellus knows that Hamlet is scheduled to be part of the Royal Court proceedings today. Marcellus said so, at the end of Scene 1.

They do not seek entry to the Royal Apartments, where Hamlet lives, to talk to him. What are they going to tell the guards there? - that they have to see Hamlet right away, first thing this morning, to tell him a ghost story? Oh dear. Marcellus and Bernardo could gain entry to the Royal Apartment area, since they, themselves, are guards, but Horatio is unknown to the guards on duty for the Royal Apartments, and security is tight because of the threat of war. The guards wouldn't admit Horatio, but Marcellus and Bernardo need Horatio along when they talk to Hamlet.

Thus, the men go to the Lobby side of the Throne Room, after breakfast. There, they discover the Throne Room door is already closed, as the new King, Claudius, is already holding his first session of the Royal Court. Claudius has started proceedings unusually early to try to prove to the people what a hard-working new King they have. He would do that.

The men are not allowed to enter because it would interrupt the King while he is doing the business of the nation. They find themselves having to wait for the midday break to talk to Hamlet.

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