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Between Scene 2 and Scene 3:

(The following paragraph is actually intrascene. As soon as Laertes receives permission to go back to France, he exits Scene 2, which continues without him.)
Laertes, as soon as he receives permission to return to Paris, goes to his family's rooms in the Castle only long enough to inform the servants that, yes, as expected, he has been granted leave. He tells the servants to proceed, to take his baggage to the ship, post haste. His baggage was already packed. Ophelia says she would like to accompany Laertes to the harbor, and he agrees she may. Laertes and Ophelia then walk to the harbor.

After Scene 2 ends, Polonius goes to his family's rooms, to be sure that Laertes has departed with no difficulties. Polonius observes, simply by looking out the window, that the ship has not sailed yet, so he makes his way down to the harbor to see why not.

Marcellus and Bernardo find accommodation for Horatio, and they all get some sleep.


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